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Kaseya VSA being used to deploy ransomware

Image of Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson

CERT NZ have released an advisory confirming Kaseya's Remote Management and Monitoring software is being used to deploy ransomware to businesses across the globe.

Kaseya have released a patch to prevent further infections which IT Provider can install to secure the vulnerability the hackers used to access the platform.  This breach is impacting some business and at least 11 schools in in New Zealand.

Information from Kaseya can be found here: 

How does this affect IT Simply clients?

As we do not use the Kaseya remote management and monitoring tools this breach does not affect us or our clients directly.  It is a timely reminder about the rapidly increasing importance of maintaining secure IT systems and business processes to minimise the risk of a breach for your business.

As a result of the announcement form CERT NZ and Kaseya, we ran a report across all of our managed devices to ensure there were no instances of the Kaseya management software installed.  We continue to monitor security settings for our clients and our own systems and platforms to maintain security for our clients.

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